Rod Hughes

Dr Rod Hughes

Rheumatology consultant and general physician at St. Peter’s hospital Chertsey

Dr Rod Hughes is a Rheumatology consultant and general physician at St. Peter’s hospital Chertsey where he has been since 1993. He has a private practice at the Runnymede hospital in Chertsey.

He has significant experience in a wide range of rheumatological diseases and has been instrumental in setting up osteoporosis services in west Surrey. He is a member of the Regional Advisory Board in Osteoporosis and medical advisor to the West Surrey National Osteoporosis group and has run specialist osteoporosis services at the trust since he arrived. He regularly speaks to audiences of GPs and patients about osteoporosis developments.

He has been President of the Section of Rheumatology at the Royal Society of Medicine and on the executive committee of the British Society for Rheumatology as Chair of the External relations committee. He is an accredited educator at the Royal College of Physicians London and facilitates courses there on a regular basis.

He is actively engaged in research into therapeutics in RA, osteoporosis and health service provision in rheumatology. He has an academic interest particularly in Compliance and Adherence to medication and the perception of patients about their diseases and has written and published many recent journal papers. He is one of only 15% rheumatologists engaged in clinical general medicine and has been clinical director of medicine at his trust and is now a member of the Research and Development committee and primary investigator on a number of studies.

He was a rugby blue at Oxford and is a keen fly fisherman.
He lives in Churt with his wife Alison, who is an epidemiologist working in the area of drug safety, and two young sons. He is not popular with his mother, as he has recently found she has significant osteoporosis and persuaded her to start treatment with forsteo.

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