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Postgraduate Medical Diploma Courses & MSc

Postgraduate medical Diploma Courses from Rila Institute of Health Sciences, London designed specifically for clinicians, with some programmes also suitable for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

The aim of our programmes is to offer healthcare professionals the opportunity to build on their existing knowledge, skills, and experience and develop mastery in the clinical management of the patient.

All our programmes are validated by the University of Plymouth, UK. This means that those who successfully complete the relevant modules of the programme will be awarded the University of Plymouth qualification of a Postgraduate Diploma.

We currently offer the following programmes: Postgraduate Diploma in CardiologyDermatology, Acute Medicine, Diabetes, ENT, Family Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Minor Surgery, Musculoskeletal Medicine, Ophthalmology, Urology

Students who successfully complete one of the above Postgraduate Diploma programmes will be able to progress to MSc Clinical Sciences. The programme will be delivered using a mix of work based and resource-based learning with online student/staff discussion forum and individual project work with both academic and clinical supervisory support.

What People Say

What real people said about our programmes

Tony Narula

Professor Tony Narula

This course (The Certification in the Management of the Altered Airway) provides a comprehensive knowledge base and skills acquisition programme in "The Management  of the Altered Airway". Since caring for such patients requires a multidisciplinary approach the course is open to healthcare professionals across several key specialities. Patients will ultimately receive the highest quality evidence-based care. In my opinion this training initiative will certainly improve the care of the patients with tracheostomies and laryngectomies, and also save lives.


Steve O

Postgraduate Diploma Family Medicine

“ To study Postgraduate Diploma Family Medicine at Rila Institute of Health Sciences was great experience, and on educational side, very informative, helpful and encouraging. Brilliant coverage of the specialist areas in the topics ”


Dr Mohammad J

Dubai, UAE

“ I completed Postgraduate Diploma Cardiology in UAE Hub. The course is an excellent value and I have gained tremendous experience and knowledge. ”

Dr Indrani P

New Delhi, India

“ Studying Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes from Rila in Delhi hub, was one of the best decisions I made. I have gained very valuable knowledge. Teaching faculty is excellent and online webinars are very informative ”

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