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HealthCert: Postgraduate Diploma of Dermatology

Dear Health Professional,


Rila Institute of Health Sciences, London is pleased to offer APCL (Accreditation of Prior Learning) for some of the Health Cert Professional programmes, enabling you to study Postgraduate Medical Diploma programmes leading to a formal clinical academic award from the leading UK University; University of Plymouth (PU) Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry (UK) in collaboration with its partner the Rila Institute of Health Sciences. The APCL enables accreditation and therefore exemption of ~ 40% of chosen Postgraduate Diploma programme. These are resource based Diplomas using an eLearning platform (online reading, formative assessments, video clips, case scenarios…) and regular contact with specialists through facilitated interactive webinars. You will have to attend for the Final summative examination, which will be held in Perth, Australia, and sit the components of the Modules of your chosen pathway as indicated in the pathway grids below. You are exempt from the initial workshop sessions. The grid/flowchart provides an at glance summary of the pathway for these Postgraduate clinical academic awards that have international recognition.


Course content

Programme Calendar UK: 2018/19

HealthCert APCL syllabus must complete ALL components marked **

NB: All deadlines for submitting tests must be strictly adhered to.
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You have an option to participate in Module 3, but are not required to sit the final examination.

*Module 1: Core/Generic Medical Skills

Deadline: 30th November (complete all topics in Module 1 & Mini Test 1)

  • Topic 1 Determinants of health
  • Topic 2. Lifestyle & Health: Substance misuse, diet, exercise, smoking identification of risk factors
  • Topic 3. Identification of risk factors
  • Topic 4. Nutrition & Health
  • Topic 5. Breaking bad news

Now complete Mini Test 1

*Final summative Examination of Module 1 at end of course

**Module 2: Advanced Dermatology

**Deadline: 30th April (complete all topics & Mini Test 2 & 3 plus 2 reflective cases in Module 2)

  • Topic 6. Structure and Function of Skin, Terminology & Introduction to the diagnosis of skin diseases
  • Topic 7. Dermoscopy
  • Topic 8. Dermatological history and examination
  • Topic 9. Hand Dermatitis and Allergy testing
  • Topic 10. Psoriasis and Management in primary care
  • Topic 11. Acne and Rosacea
  • Topic 12. Blistering diseases of the skin
  • Topic 13. Skin tumours: benign, pre-malignant and malignant
  • Topic 14. Congenital naevi and other common Genodermatoses
  • Topic 15. Vulval dermatoses

Now complete mini test 2

  • Topic 16. Skin allergies: myths & reality
  • Topic 17. Topic Hair & Nails
  • Topic 18. Sun skin & sunscreen
  • Topic 19. Systemic diseases & skin
  • Topic 20. Ethnic skin
  • Topic 21. Leishminiasis
  • Topic 22. Paediatric vascular skin lesions
  • Topic 23. Infective skin disorders
  • Topic 24. Pruritis & Itch
  • Topic 25. Male ano-genital skin disorders
  • Topic: 26 Psychological aspects of skin disorders

Now Complete Mini Test 3

**Final summative Examination of Module 2 at end of course

Module 3: Clinical Practice in Dermatology. (Optional course work, but do not sit final examination)

Deadline: 30th April (complete Mini Test 4 and 1 reflective case for Module 3: Optional for Health Cert students)

The module extends on and applies the knowledge from Modules 1 and 2 and focuses on the clinical application of this knowledge and practical skills for patient care and disease management.

Now Complete Mini Test 4

Final summative Examination of Module 3 at end of course

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