Employment within the Rila Institute of Health Sciences provides you with the opportunity to work across a wide and an exciting range of administrative roles within its portfolio.

Rila are constantly seeking enthusiastic individuals, who are prepared to work hard in developing and expanding their career prospects, and in turn, we will offer every help, support and opportunity to enable you to succeed.

By joining us, you can become a key player within our dynamic and diverse international team that:

  • Creates, delivers and supports not only a successful Online Learning Environment that is empowering our students to become leaders in a new global economy

but also

  • ¬†Publishes a wide range of professional Medical Journals;
  • ¬†Organizes medical conferences, workshops

In whichever position you decide to join us, you can be assured that your qualities will be well recognised, and you will be given every opportunity to develop yourself along a number of different routes.

If you wish to enquire about opportunities that are available, please send us your details and we will be in touch as and when YOUR Career Opportunity comes up.

Please mail us your CV

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